Monday, January 15, 2007

School starts tomorrow and I am actually very excited! I have been bored out of mind for about a week and a half, so some mental stimulation will do me good. Although I only have one class tomorrow, so I'm going slowly back into the whole school thing. My life is boring because all I talk about is school so I think I'll post some pictures just for the heck of it:
This one is of my Perkins cousins and second least some of them anyways. Heather is missing, and so are Kevin and Amy-although I know they were there so I'm not sure why they aren't in the picture. The only one of my Aunt Bunny's kids who is there is Chris, and her 3 kids, but Bunny's other two daughters and their kids are missing.

This one is of just my second cousins on the Stratton side (although there are a few cousins mixed in there). I think most of them are pictured...but some may be missing.

These are my Stratton cousins. I believe 5 or so are missing, plus there are no spouses pictured.

And lastly just my immediate mom made it balck and white and it looks pretty cool. The kids look silly, but adorable as always.

OK-that's all. I have to go prepare myself for school tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sweet pics! Awesome story about that breast cancer survivor. I had to read Nickel and Dimed before. Easy read, very good. Definitely makes you think...just don't take it all in for face value. I think in some cases people could still do more to not be in such a bad/poor condition. But it definitely opens your eyes. Good luck with classes!

Amy said...

i always forget how tall Davis is ...

the pic of the perkins was taken before we got there ...

Anonymous said...