Monday, December 04, 2006

No more school for Lisa!

I just had a meeting with my academic advisor...dun dun dun. No-it went very well actually. She said I am all on track to graduate in Spring 2008, as long as I take 15 credits the rest of the time I'm here, which shouldn't be a problem. The GREAT news is that she said I don't have to go to grad school. Everyone had always told me that as a sociology major I should go to grad school. My advisor said that unless I want to teach or do research it is not important that I go. So...I'm not going to. :) I have no desire to spend 2 more years in school after I get my BA. Plus, I can always go back to grad school if I decide that I really want to later on. However, I am considering adding on another minor in Special Events Management, so that means I wouldn't graduate until December 2008. I'm just excited that I am soooooo very close to being done with school. At most I have 4 semesters left, but possibly as few as 3! Oh-I decided I am going to take that Contemporary Women Writers course instead of Religions of the World, so that I can get some upper division credits out of the way. OK-time to go to class and listen to some very boring presentations. Last day of this class though-and no final! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Oh and btw- Brad Paisley has a Christmas CD coming out! I can't wait! Someone better get it for me (ahem...Davis...ahem...)