Monday, November 13, 2006

Good news, bad news

which would you like first...the good news or the bad news? I'm gonna start with the good news...

I got a 99% on my American Presidency exam (highest in the class!), an A- on my history paper, and 100% on both of my Women's studies papers. woo-hoo! i was pretty dang excited. These grades put me in a much better pre-final position than before.

now the bad news...

my grandma stratton was in the hospital on thursday night because she was short of breath, among other things. She ended up being in the hospital until Saturday morning and was then discharged. All weekend she did nothing but sleep and eat a little. This morning my aunt called to check in and she was incoherent and began vommiting. My other aunt went to see her and called 911 because she couldn't even get her into the car. After many hours of sitting in the hospital, the doctors are saying she has sepsis and acute renal failure. After doing some research, I found out the sepsis is basically an infection of the bloodstream, caused by bacteria entering the bloodstream. It is one of the major causes of death among the hospitalized elderly. Chances are she got it while in the hospital a few days ago, when her immune system was weak. Sepsis also causes major organ dysfunstion, hence the acute renal failure (non med terms-her kidneys are failing). The good part of this is that sepsis can be treated with large doses of antibiotics, and acute kidney failure can be reversed. We are just all hoping that the doctors caught them in time, and will be able to "fix" them. My grandparents were supposd to be moving into a new house this weekend...which is stressing my grandma out even more.

You know what is so amazing though? My grandparents have been married for 50 years, and they are so in love that each one is worrying so much about the other instead of themselves. While visiting my grandma on Thursday, all she could think about was making someone was at their house taking care of my grandpa (who we think has the begininnings of Alzheimers). She called to talk to him, and she was making sure he got his ice cream, made sure my uncle was turning on Jay Leno for him to watch, and that he took all of his pills. She made sure she said 'i love you' more than once. The one thing i will always remember about them is that they always say i love you and kiss eachother goodbye whenever they leave eachother. They both had failed marriages before they found eachother-and have loved eachother for 50 years. isn't that amazing? i truly believe they are soulmates. My grandpa today was constantly asking when he could go to the hospital to see my grandma and make sure she was ok. We couldn't keep him away if we tried. When he got there he sat by her side for awhile and made sure she really was ok before he left. It honestly makes me want to cry to think about an amazing relationship like that. they have truly set the standards that all of their grandchildren will look to find in their relationships. my grandma told me the other day she thinks i found it...i think so too.

anyways- i guess their is always good that comes with the bad and vice versa. I am not and have never considered myself to be a religious person, but I ask anyone who reads this to please pray for my grandma. I know that if she dies, my grandpa won't live long either, because they simply cannot live without eachother. so please say a quick prayer tonight and in the days to come for my grandma.


Amy said...

your grandparents are so precious.

Anonymous said...

Love you, Lisa. Let me know what I can do. A love like that is incredible. Congratulations on all of your grades! I just got back a 98, a 100, and a 95 on assignments, then today got a 65 on a test. (sigh) Hopefully that's going up between 3 and 7 points though. Oy. Anyway, you're in MY prayers, like every other night.

NanAZ said...


Your mom didn't even let us know about this. I'm glad Amy passed it on in her blog. We're definitely be praying and I'll pass it on to our prayer chain at church too, then hundreds more will be praying.

Love you,
Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...