Monday, December 10, 2007

Interesting? Scary? Dissapointing?

Phoenix is the 64th most dangerously drunk city. (The list goes from 100 to 1, with 100 being the most drunk and 1 being the least. Weird way to number a list, but such is life)

Denver is #100 (WORST!). Tucson is 77th (Can you say "college town" anyone???).

I guess be glad we aren't the worst, but considering only 36 cities are worse than Phoenix, it sure isn't comforting.

So here's my motherly lesson to all: Don't be stupid and drive home drunk. Chances are you will get home safe, but maybe you won't and you will kill someone else or yourself. So have a DD, or call a cab. Or you can call me. I'll pick your drunk butt up at 2:30am and take you home AND bring you back to get your car from the bar/party the next day-no questions asked. Trying to save yourself the embarrassment of asking for help is just not worth the risk of the alternative.

The end. Now go eat your vegetables and clean your room young lady/young man! :-)


Anonymous said...

With regard to this post: hahahahaha And Enchanted is amazing.

With regard to the last post: Poor poor drunken hometown of mine, Tucson. :( lol

Somewhere you had something about a pink Kitchen-Aid. It's amazing. I totally should have thought to get you that. Now I feel that my Christmas and birthday gifts for you have been out done. :( However, I will see you with the first gift tomorrow. :)


NanAZ said...

Wise words Lisa! I'm glad you're so mature.

Anonymous said...